Christmas is a Timeshare

Christmas is a Timeshare

Book Cover: Christmas is a Timeshare
Editions:: $ 3.99 USD

by Betty Carpenter

Jessie Bailey, an executive at a property management firm in Jacksonville Florida, loves her job, her church work, and her best friend Donnie Lee. But memories of a con man’s torment of her and her mother haunt her. She cherishes her independence, with no need for a romantic relationship.

When David Alan arrives from the corporate office in Houston to investigate possible fraud in Jessie’s department, nothing prepares him for his initial reaction to the powerful and beautiful Jessie. Nor is he prepared for the temperature in the room to drop to “arctic” whenever they cross paths.

In one eventful morning, Jessie’s quiet life turns upside down with the arrival of the attractive interloper from Houston and two anonymous gifts left on her desk; gifts intended to let her know the con man from her past has been released from prison and is bent on revenge.

Now Jessie has to clear her name and department of accusations, while keeping herself alive until her nemesis is behind bars again.

But she doesn’t have to do it alone. Along the way she’ll find herself propped up by Donnie Lee, David Alan, her Red Hat mentor Dorothy Graylee, and most of all, her faith in her Lord.

Reviews:Editorial Review on Amazon wrote:

Need a taste of romance and intrigue for the holidays? Begin with high-powered businesswoman, Jessie Bailey. Some think she's a hard nut to crack, but there's a soft heart hidden beneath that tough exterior.

Add a dash of the unexpected as the past comes back to haunt her with the arrival of mysterious, yet sinister packages through the mail. Spice things up with a generous serving of a tall, dark Texan from Corporate who might want to mix business with pleasure.

Betty Carpenter whips up the perfect recipe for a delicious Christmas tale that will leave you hungry for more from Page One. Heidi Sprouse, bestselling author, Liberty's Promise (historical), One Last AdirondackSummer (contemporary)

"The story starts in a seemingly ordinary setting, with a hefty dose of intrigue that kept me reading and wondering what was going to happen next. As they say, the plot thickened. Jessie and Donnie Lee were easy to fall in love with - great, strong, sparky female leads! Add in a dashing and very stubborn stranger, a creepy mystery, and a villain who made my hackles stand up, and you've got a recipe for a great read that's even as moreish as homemade apple pie." Tristan

"My kind of book, I read it in one swoop. The perfect mix of giggles and tears with friendship at the heart. This was a fun, suspenseful read which reminded me of the Mitford series, another favorite!" Robin

About the Author...

Betty Carpenter backed into real estate by accepting a challenge to work a front desk and busy switchboard in a thriving property management company-a job famous for sending employees screaming into the street within a week. She stayed in that position six months before boredom led her to becoming a rental agent and then a sales associate. Her next real estate move resulted in running and then owning her own property management company for twenty-seven years. Betty lives and works in Florida, the state of our union that prides itself for having the toughest regulations anywhere for real estate sales and management. She is thoroughly convinced its rules, laws, and regulations are a direct result of the carpetbaggers that invaded the south after the War Between the States. Betty has reinvented herself more than once in her business career, from apartment management and part-time supervisor at a UPS customer counter, to homeowner association and condominium management, and now to published author. Her Southern roots have grounded her belief in God, family, and country. She believes life is best handled with a great big dose of humor. Next to property management, Betty knows Southern. Born and raised in Jacksonville, her latest life reinvention includes writing about southern-grown life, love, and laughter made to share. When she's not ruling her business domain, spending time with her family, or serving her church, she loves dressing up and playing with her Red Hat Society Chapter, Dolly's Dolls. Betty and her sisters formed the chapter over ten years ago and named it in honor of their mom, Dolly, who serves as their Queen Mother. (Because who else could take on that job?) With Dolly's Dolls, her job, her church, her family, and her new career as an author, Betty leads a fast-paced and fulfilling life as a Southern whirlwind that keeps all her guardian angels on their toes and the Lord shaking His head.

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