Love Builds a Nest in Our Park

Love Builds a Nest in Our Park

Book Cover: Love Builds a Nest in Our Park

by Richard French

21 Prose Sketches about Romance: “I hope you make up your Mind soon. I can’t say ‘Yes’ for Both of Us.”

Imagine that you’re walking through a park and talking to someone you’re in a relationship with and you both need to work out certain things. Or pretend that you’re on a solitary stroll along the park’s paths and you’re trying to decide what you must do to repair or end a relationship.

The 21 prose sketches in this collection describe situations like these two. The first is about two refugees from an African war; the last features a young man and woman that includes a surprise form her. In between are such people as an actress awaiting the arrival of a potential suitor and two dancers astonish an audience at a play.

I hope these vignettes will provoke thought or discussion. What do the people do well or poorly? What might they do to improve their situations. Perhaps one of these sketches will bring you a useful insight.
A reader commented: “You describe feelings we’ve all had at one time or another.”

Buy “Love Builds a Nest in our Park” now for an exploration of one of the most common and difficult parts of our lives.


About the Author...

Richard French is an American who has lived in Canada for more than 25 years. He has more than a dozen novels and this collection of prose sketches available on kindle direct publishing. He's in the process of making them available on Create Space. Because he is a retired pastor with the Lutheran Church-Canada, Christian themes frequently appear in his novels and stories.
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