Merciful Blessings

Merciful Blessings

Book Cover: Merciful Blessings
Editions:: $ 4.99 USD

by Nancy Quatrano and Darla Ludas

Hope, Faith and Grace Blessing return to their hometown to bury their beloved father, sort out his troubled trucking business, and save their family’s Merciful, Florida homestead from foreclosure.

Separated by distance as well as memories and emotions, the estranged Blessing sisters are forced to find a way to live and work together before time runs out on their last chance to save it all.

But when their number one enemy ends up dead, Hope is suspected of murder while she, Faith, and Grace battle an unknown adversary bent on destroying everything their father left behind.

With little else to turn to, the sisters turn to the God their parents taught them to trust and lean on when things go wrong.
But will prayers and faith be enough to set things right?

And who's behind the dangerous sabotage that threatens not only the family business, but the sisters’ very lives?

Hope, Faith and Grace Blessing are estranged sisters, battling to save their family's rural Florida homestead from foreclosure. But when their number one enemy ends up dead, and Hope is suspected of murder, will prayers and faith be enough to set things right? And who's behind the dangerous sabotage that threatens the family business?

2014 Winner ~ Royal Palm Literary Awards
Unpublished Women’s Fiction Category

Reviews:Meredeth Mann on Amazon wrote:

It was such a great book and well written. I got it late yesterday afternoon and finished it earlier today. I am now anxious for the next installment volume to be out and to find out what happens next. Love it when the ending is happy yet leaves you waiting for more. Best of all,I loved the spiritual aspect of the book and how the faith of the main characters helped them through their troubles. Psalm 72: 3-5

Karen Harvey on Amazon wrote:

I enjoyed Merciful Blessings. It blended crime and religious faith without crossing the line of either topic. It is a good read.

About the Author

N.L. Quatrano has been writing since around the age of 13. She was sure she would die when her first crush went home after summer vacation where they met on the Great Lakes. Born and raised in New Jersey, her poems became song lyrics when she learned to play guitar. Her passion for mysteries started with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books, blossomed with Agatha Christie and Edgar Allen Poe, and then grew into a love for Sue Grafton, Robert B. Parker and Elmore Leonard, to name her favorites. She's been published since 1999 in short fiction and currently has a mystery series in publication as well, writing as N.L. Quatrano.

She's a neighborhood columnist for the St. Augustine Record where her column is published semi-monthly. When she's not working with Rotary, the town empowerment group, or her church, she does content editing, copy writing, and press releases at her business, On-Target Words. And in her spare time, she writes her novels. She says that her two long-time feline companions help her work the late nights to keep her fiction writing going. D.K. Ludas has always enjoyed reading and writing. At the age of ten she received a small typewriter for Christmas. She quickly typed several copies of a neighborhood newspaper called “The Linford Ledger,” which was named for the development she lived in.

She graduated from the Nancy Drew Mysteries to A Summer Place in sixth grade, without her parent's knowledge. She then read Agatha Christie mysteries (Miss Marple a favorite). She currently reads Lisa Scottoline and Robert Parker. She is a retired elementary school teacher, and is currently a New Jersey Realtor. She has been published in short fiction since 2005. When not writing or selling homes, she is involved in town politics, church organizations, Liberty States Fiction writers and Sisters in Crime. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Gary and daughter, Jennie who are both supportive of her writing.

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