Sonrise Stable: Rosie and Scamper

Sonrise Stable: Rosie and Scamper

Book Cover: Sonrise Stable: Rosie and Scamper

by Vicki Watson

While learning to ride at Sonrise Stable, nine-year-old Rosie dreams of the horse shows she will win with her pony, Jet. Two years later, nothing is exactly the way Rosie planned it—she's riding a new pony, Scamper, and learning that life isn't always easy. But it's as Rosie reaches out to the new girl next door that she truly begins to see that God works all things together for good in our lives.

Rosie and Scamper is the first book in the Sonrise Stable series, heartwarming stories of an extended homeschooling family as they live, learn, and love together. Mixing adventure, life lessons, and realistic horse experiences, the series is a must for readers who enjoy family values, Christian faith, and, of course, horses!

Reviews: L. Keene on Amazon wrote:

I ordered Rosie and Scamper to read to my daughter, age 7. My daughter loves horses and takes equine therapy to help with her medical problems. She is also homeschooled so she was able to relate to Rosie. She understood the "swim suit missing" part because it relates to her life and medical obstacles that she has overcame. She even gave me examples of how her "swim suit" goes missing at times. We enjoy how the author includes scriptures from the Bible and the way it flows with the story. This book is great for the whole family and makes kindness and giving shine. Without giving too much away, we shed tears for some and laughed with others. We need more books like this one! We can't wait to start reading Carrie and Bandit. Thanks for a wonderful, Christian series.

W. Powell on Amazon wrote:

My 8 year old daughter and I read this book together. She really liked the book. She enjoyed the stories the grandmother told. Her favorite was the story about when the grandmother brought a horse into the house. I loved all the Godly lessons that can be learned in this book. It is nice change to have characters that are respectful and nice and try to do the right thing. The ending of the book was a nice surprise. Something I did not expect. We are looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Mary from PA on Amazon wrote:

I bought this book about a month ago in order to preview the series. It is a wonderful book and I am getting ready to buy the rest of the series for my family. (Really, it is that good!) The book had many exciting events that kept us interested as we read about the horse escape, horse birth, deaths, and people becoming Christians. There are so many great family and faith values in the story. I don't want to give out all the great details, but you see the family reaching out to others, sharing their faith by caring for others, and just so many great things. I highly recommend the series.

About the author

Vicki Watson

My love of horses began when a teenage neighbor offered me my first ride, on the back of her horse. From my 8-year-old perspective, it seemed like the biggest horse in the world. From that moment on, I was addicted. Horses were to become a very important part of my life, although I never could have imagined, at the time, how much God would teach me about Himself and my relationship to Him through these wonderful animals.

The Sonrise Stable series combines my love of God and horses in stories designed to help children learn more about both. I have been blessed with three daughters and homeschooled each through high school. I enjoy trail riding my Rocky Mountain mare, Nikki, hiking, photography, and playing guitar. I work from home as a web designer and computer programme

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