The Angel of Recovery (Witnesses Book 2)

The Angel of Recovery (Witnesses Book 2)

by Richard French

A Veteran Defends the American Way even after a Failed War

Expecting that his cousin Bertram Hungerford, the leader of the Scythian cult, will be in prison for a long time, Paul Kingsley, his wife Tanya, and their three children drive from the northeastern U. S. to an island off the coast of Georgia for an extended holiday. They will stay at a resort hotel that Hungerford’s wife Pat has just opened. Meanwhile, the Scythian menace persists in unexpected ways.

They will also visit the man, now ill and living in Florida, who adopted Kingsley when he was a baby. Kingsley, the illegitimate son of a Russian woman and an eastern European aristocrat who was also involved with the Scythian cult, was proud to be grafted into the American way of life. He expresses his gratitude by writing stories and novellas, some of which are included in “The Angel of Recovery”, about the ability of ordinary Americans to cope with hardships like warfare and emerge stronger.

Along with three short stories that feature enlisted men serving during a war in an imaginary country called Kulon, the narrative includes a novella that consists of letters Agnes Butterfield writes in the 1880’s to her sister about her recovery from grief over the loss of her brother and her husband as a result of fighting in two different wars.

One of the purposes of this novel, which is the second of five in a series called “Witnesses”, is to show that grief passes, a sense of fullness returns, and people resume active life. Another purpose is to give examples of the benefits that come from sharing our experiences with others – to be witnesses, in other words.

Check out this book now for stories about the uncertainties of war and the grief that warfare can bring that also illustrates human sturdiness and the reality of recovery.


About Richard French

Richard French was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1942. He decided when he was in the 8th grade that fiction writing would be at the center of his life. He has written more than a dozen novels now available on Kindle and as print on demand paperback from Amazon's CreateSpace. His website is

After graduating from the University of Chicago, he served in the American army for four years with almost three as a Lao linguist. He has dabbled in the theatre and worked in the banking business in the Boston area. In later life, he served as a pastor of a Lutheran Church-Canada congregation in Sudbury, Ontario. He now lives in Toronto and works part-time at a mid-town congregation.

Zack Pospieszynski designed book covers for his novels. Zack is former director of Toronto's Peak Gallery and is now Program Director, at an innovative gallery called Matter.

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