The Gathering

The Gathering

When Spiritual Battles become Reality

Book Cover: The Gathering
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by Gail Prentice

"What a shame," General Moshe whispered to his Corporal of the Guard. "What a shame."

It seems like just last week, this house of glory was full of music and praise. People were on their knees before God, praying for this community. They were fighting a battle and winning, Corporal Joabi reminisced.

Yes, they were winning, but they just didnt realize it. The battle was fierce and the enemy had brought in Doubt and Apathy, two of their strongest warriors to infiltrate here. It wasnt long before the pastor was silenced because Doubt had begun to make headway within some of the congregation. When they were not seeing great strides forward, they began to doubt whether the work was worth continuing.
The people quit praying and decided that they were not qualified to tell others about our Lord Jesus. They left all witnessing to the pastor and things went south from there.Some of the other congregations decided that if they made programs for everything, that all would be fine. They started a Monday night dinner program, a youth group that was very liberal in their teaching, and Bible studies that manifested themselves as social events more than a time to study the Word of God. They were more impressed with the social and financial status of the church than they were by the basic foundation of salvation.
Numbers on the membership roll were more important than the number of people delivered from their sin. Profitability of the members was more vital than the righteousness and holiness of the Saints.
It wasnt long before the Christians that attended there began to involve sin into their business practices because it was very lucrative, and as long as it was financially enhancing, it was no longer sin.Apathy had effectively made his move in the community. Boredom and indifference began to sweep through the churches and town like a wildfire, despite the pastors attempts to keep the church alive with Gods Holy Spirit. The community as a whole had embraced Doubt and Apathy as trusted leaders within the other churches, and the rest is history. Now we have an empty church as a painful monument of defeat.
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